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Beats Um All Vinyl Protectant

Beats Um All Vinyl Protectant

Beats Um All Vinyl Protectant guards against damage caused by ultraviolet rays and environmental conditions that cause vinyl to crack, dull, harden, and fade. It leaves a natural, deep color finish without looking greasy. It adds years to the life of vinyl, wood, rubber, plastic, and leather. It’s especially good for vinyl car tops, convertible tops, car dashes, vinyl or leather upholstery, tires, and rubber trim. You can also use Beats Um All Vinyl Protectant around your house on garden hoses, vinyl or leather furniture, sporting equipment, sealed wood furniture, and vinyl lawn furniture.

  • Directions

    Beats Um All Vinyl Protectant is easy to use! All you do is apply a small amount to a damp sponge or rag then wipe on your surface using a circular motion (white or color fast sponge or rag highly recommended). Apply several times on newly treated surfaces and reapply as needed to maintain the protective coating and luxurious finish.


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