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Classic cars use This Iz It Ultimate Detailer and Beats Um All wax

This Iz It

Ultimate Detailer

and Beats Um All Car Care Products

Revolutionary All-In-One Detailer Is Ideal For Protecting, Enhancing, and Cleaning Your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, RV, Boat …
Anything You Want To Clean, Shine, and Protect!



He called himself Dennis the Menace. But the only thing anyone had to fear was listening to him talk. And talk he could! Dennis was feisty. He loved people. He loved cars (he owned 17 different cars in 3 years!) and going to car shows. But he didn’t love the car care products on the market. So what did he do? He formulated his own! 


Back in the early 1970’s, Dennis set out to create an all-in-one detailer so revolutionary that it could be used on any part of any vehicle – paint, chrome, glass; car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat – anything you wanted to clean, shine, and protect. That’s when This Iz It Ultimate Detailer was born along with the entire line of Beats Um All car care products. Dennis sold the products at car shows across the U.S. and developed an almost cult-like following, making some really great friends along the way. 


Sadly, Dennis died in 2019. And that’s where I come in. I’m Denny Jr., Dennis’s oldest son, and I worked with Dad off and on over the years. I helped test his products at my auto detail shop, telling Dad when a product wasn’t up to par and celebrating with him when he got the formula just right. I no longer have that shop, but what I do have is Dad’s secret formula and proprietary process, and I’m continuing to manufacture This Iz It Ultimate Detailer and the Beats Um All products. Like Dad, I use only the highest quality ingredients and I guarantee every bottle in every batch. All of the products are manufactured in beautiful East Tennessee just the way Dad used to do it. 


If you’ve been using the products, you’ll keep getting the same friendly service you’re used to. If you haven’t discovered the products yet, what are you waiting for? You’re gonna love ‘em! 


Give me a shout today, I’d love to swap stories about Dennis the Menace or introduce you to the exceptional products that he created!



800. 535.3682

Dennis Toomey, aka Dennis the Menace, selling This Iz It Ultimate Detailer and Beats Um All car care products
Spray This Iz It Detailer on and wipe it off
Use This Iz It Detailer on chrome, paint, glass, black trim
White vintage Corvettes use This Iz It Detailer


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